About Us

Steel Eagle Parent Company

Steel Eagle commercial, production and engineering company is a parent company which has been registered in Iraqi Kurdistan Region and in Ardabil City. Besides having activity in national and international commerce, it has two factories in producing and manufacturing different kinds of metal structures and producing sandwich panel products. Although Steel eagle Parent Company has been registered in 2019 and it is legally regarded newly founded, its shareholders are among so experienced, well-known and expert ones in the field of commerce, production and management, so up to 20 year experience of its owners has made the company to have very good experience and oldness.
Steel eagle Parent Company tries to help Iraq in general and Kurdistan Region in particular flourish and develop in international commerce by supplying commodities, industrial machines and raw materials and road and building.
Also by its two production subsets called Steel Eagle for producing different kinds of metal industrial, commercial and residential structures, metal sheds metal pressure vessels and metal storage reservoirs, power station and refinery installations, different kinds of bridge and different crane structures and Eagle Panel for producing and manufacturing different kinds of wall, overhead, workshop sheds, official, residential, icehouse, cleanrooms, hidden screws, duplex nylon and one and double sided foil sandwich panels, it wants to help this land develop and progress, therefore, by the aid of The Almighty and the help of statesmen, the efforts of all managers, personnel and hardworking workers of this company will be doubled to achieve the above mentioned goals.







The Mission of Steel Eagle

  • Representative of sales, distribution and after-sales services of raw materials, machines and other necessities of industry
  • Importing, selling and distributing high quality and standardized materials and machines
  • 2 Having activity in exports
  • Easy access for customers
  • Accepting different kinds of customers’ orders
  • Producing some of imported items inside company
  • Supplying raw materials and supplies of other factories in this land
  • Helping environment improvement
  • Helping non-profit NGOs

Our Vision

The landscape of this company

Is to be the first supplier and producer in Iraq and in The Middle East to help our country grow better and more.