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Steel Eagle Factory

Steel Eagle production and manufacturing metal structures factory is a private Iraqi factory in Kurdistan Region, it is a great honor for this factory to participate in country development and it has been established to offer professional authentic scientific and experimental services.
Owners, chief and middle managers and experts of Steel Eagle Factory believe that satisfying customers and doing occupational duties in the framework of competencies taken from legal authorities is the only way to develop company activities and having an appropriate in market. Sincerity in what we say and do, trustworthiness, honesty and considering clients rights are the mottos of the activities of this factory; company managers and staff permanently try to acquire new scientific and experimental achievements and authentic universal and national experiences and consider it as an effective factor to be successful in professional competitions and it is trying to offer services based on authentic national and universal criteria, regulations and standards.
Steel Eagle Factory considers its participation with other co-working companies and sharing its professional achievements as the basis of services development and promotion and it is always committed to professional ethics and considers this matter specifically in marketing and gaining achievement in competitions. Steel Eagle regards special priority to present at big projects and in order to achieve this goal, it has been on its agenda to form co-working groups with authentic companies in different sections of construction industry. It has seized the opportunity to do big projects with the presence of authentic foreign companies for its scientific and experimental promotion and as well as cooperating with them, it is trying bring important achievements for country, people and the company.

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We are Professionals

turning into the leader of this industry in Iraq

turning into the leader of this industry in Iraq market and increasing annual production capacity up to at least 250 thousand tons and country top exporter in this field.


Steel Eagle factory

Our Mission

  • Fully considering production standards
  • Using high quality raw materials
  • Using modern technology to produce product
  • Producing high quality products and guaranteeing them
  • Adding new products to production basket along fulfilling customers’ needs
  • Production localization
  • Trying to release country from imports in our working field
  • Making job stability for staff and personnel
  • Helping environment improvement
  • Helping non-profit NGOs







Steel Eagle Team

Company managers

Mustafa Mohammed

Chairman of the Board

Wafa Mustafa

Board member and CEO

Mehdi Ramezanian

Production Manager

Ahmad Izanloo

Member of the Board

Ibrahim Mohammed

Member of the Board